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Default Spoiler Tags.

Dear MikeC

Is it possible to implement spoiler tags on the forum? I and a lot of other members enjoy playing video games and talking about our experiences playing those games. However it's all to common when discussing games to talk about story, which is all well and good for those who have completed the story. Issues arise when those who haven't completed the story stumble upon spoilers, even when marked it's easy to just keep reading and have your gaming experience diminished.

In days past we have coloured the text white and the user had to highlight the text to read it. It is fine until less technical or high users quote the text and it becomes visible. I've seen a few other forums, such as the Penny Arcade forums where spoiler tags have been implemented really well and think they would be a welcome addition to these wonderful forums.

I'm sure you will make the right decision regarding the case I have brought before you.

Thanks for you time, I know you have a lot of time on your hands as this place pretty much runs itself and we never cause you any discord. Just knowing you are reading this instead of sipping martinis just enforces my respect for you.

Swift Reply.

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