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Default geforce 7600GT / nvclock question

Currently, I have a geforce 7600GT here that I was sent though I had ordered a geforce 7600GS!

First question:
Should I stay with the 7600GT instead? Looks like it is better than the 7600GS, right?

Second and more important question:
nvclock -i tells me among other things:

-- Memory info --
Amount: 512 MB
Type: 128 bit DDR
Clock: 265.500 MHz

-- Sensor info --
Sensor: GPU Internal Sensor
GPU temperature: 54C

-- VideoBios information --
Signon message: GeForce 7600 GT VGA BIOS
Performance level 0: gpu 400MHz/memory 532MHz/1.10V/100%

So the core clock is 400 MHz, and the memory clock 532 MHz (2x266).

I wonder if this is okay this way, or if I got some product of inferior quality...

The "Axle nvidia geforce 7600GT" is being advertized as having a core clock of 400 MHz and a memory clock of 800 MHz.

So I ask myself why nvclock shows me only 532 Mhz...

Since I am no expert here, let me have a guess:
Is the 532 MHz due to the FSB of my old motherboard (K7S41GX), 2x133MHz=266MHz, not 532 MHz, though...

But is this the reason for the nvclock results?
And would nvclock show me the advertized 800 MHz if I had a more recent system?

Sorry if this sounds all too easy and if it is not precisely Linux specific, but not everybody outside of Linux knows anything about nvclock, and I think, we have some good experts here.

I also noticed that my glxgears fps values at 1680x1050, 16 bit depth, are only around 6800 (with AGP 8x) enabled and not like the 10000 or more fps that I often find reports about... This is with nvclock default values of 400 core and 532 memory clock.

Overclocking those values caused a drastic increase in fps, though.

Thanks, especially for answers to my question about the memory clock!

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