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Default Re: SOLVED Fedora 12 Problems installing Nvidia driver

Hi Leigh123,

lol don't worry about it, I've heard worse.

Thanks for pointing out that link to me. Who has ownership of the RPMFusion repo's ? I do wonder how many Fedora newcomers (at Fedora 12) are having problems installing the nvidia driver with Yum, bearing in mind that the kmod-nvidia package is still in the rpmfusion update-testing repo's?

I love Fedora, use it on my desktop, and netbook, but, in contrast to Ubuntu who offers newcomers a popup notification at first boot saying "Nvidia Proprietary Driver available, would you like to install blah blah...". In Fedora, a newcomer must install the RPMFusion repo's, enable the testing repo, install kmod-nvidia , disable nouveau etc etc...

Anyway - enough! This is an Nvidia forum, not a Fedora forum.
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