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Default Re: Adobe Flash 10.1 beta out!

Originally Posted by manicminer View Post
There is a thread on the adobe forums requesting VDPAU support on Linux:

It might be worth people reading this adding their voices to that thread.

I'm really surprised given that there has been a lot of press about NVIDIA working with Adobe on flash 10.1 that there isn't any support for VDPAU, and their claim that:

"Linux currently lacks a developed standard API that supports H.264 hardware video decoding"

seems very odd given the rapid adoption and uptake of VDPAU. Yes XvMC doesn't do h.264 but there is an alternative.

I'm very disappointed, I thought this would solve my problems with the BBC iPlayer on my ION system. But seemingly not
I really hate to defend Adobe, because I hate them. But I think they're right. There isn't a developed standard API for video acceleration on Linux. VDPAU is not a standard that transcends manufacturer. I know someone is working on an interface/wrapper that will abstract VDPAU, intel's accel, and ati's, but it's very early in design and development.
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