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Default Re: Update to 190.42 breaks Xinerama AND TwinView!

OK, that's it - I had it with this BS!

Its day #2 after my 2nd screen went black and I tried all the post 185.18.14 drivers up and down the road.
Driver version 185.18.29 actually turns BOTH of my screens black and I only hear a strange hissing noise coming from my motherboard afterwards.

Drivers 185.18.31 & 185.18.36 got my primary display back working, but still keep the secondary one black.

For some bizarre reason version 185.19 refuses to compile yet again on my new kernel, with the same error message as did driver version 185.18.14 (missing "kernel.h").

Last time I checked driver version 185.19 should be higher than 185.18.31 or 185.18.14, so its a mystery to me why they re-introduced the flaw of not being able to handle a more recent kernel :-(
But by now I've come accustomed to NVidia removing features during driver updates, rather than adding them.

So now I've decided to downgrade my kernel back to 2.6.27.xx, so that I can get that NVidia driver 185.18.14 working again.

Which means I won't be able to use those BlueTooth functions anymore, for which I upgraded my kernel in the first place.

3 f*ing days wasted over this!
One thing is for sure, my next $4000+ laptop will not have an NVidia card in it - ATI I'm coming back to you!
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