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Default What card should I use to handle sdtv and hdtv without cpu help?

Goal: build a mythtv box as cheap as possible - out of trash if I can.

Idea: Wyse 9450XE - diskless, fanless, about 30 bucks. Get Knoppmyth onto the flash memory somehow.

Issue: How to display video. I want to use a cpu that is too slow to handle video.

Idea: Use the 1 PCI slot and put in a card that can output s-video to my SDTV.

Questions: What's the cheapest piece of near-junk that i can use? Do I need hardware acceleration? What are the features or specifications that I need to do this? Clock speed? Bandwidth? Other features?

It would also be nice to know this for HDTV for the future. Thanks!
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