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Default Christmas came a month early this year :D

So the wifey and I planned out a while ago to replace our current 32" Westinghouse (720P/1080i) LCD with something bigger and better. Yesterday, we got to replace it . .

I haggled some deals with the guys at our local HH Gregg store and got a pretty sahweet deal. For about $1,900, I got . .

* Sony 40" Bravia V5100 Series LCD TV (50K Contrast, 120Hz, crap load of inputs)
* Sony BDP- Blu-Ray Player (it plays Slacker, Youtube and more)
* FREE 5 Year Warranty on the TV and BR Player
* 6' HDMI Cable for BR Player
* New Entertainment Center
* FREE Screen Cleaner
* Wall mount for the Westinghouse 32" LCD (it's going in my bedroom)
* Some wall conduit to hide the wires in the bedroom.

It only took about 3 hours but I finally got everything put together and hooked up. The first thing I tried was a 1080P copy of Star Trek; it was streaming to my HTPC from my main workstation over Gigabit ethernet. Although it lagged in some places, it looked AWESOME.

There is a HUGE step in clarity and sharpness when going from the 32" Westinghouse to this 40" Sony. Even my wife could tell a huge difference. The entertainment center allows us to elevate the TV so it sits a little above eye level.

I tried reprogramming my Harmony remote and it's being a little PITA. For some reason I can't get the "Activities" to work right; the input on the TV won't change properly so I have to manually do it myself each time. Oh well, either I'll get it worked out or I'll just deal with it.

Now all I need are some BR movies and program my HTPC to use the Harmony remote, then I'll be set to go! I'll reserve the next post for pics soon.
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