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Originally posted by Gator
not really sure what to tell you, but I do know Aquamark is not intended for the general public. Have you tried the actual Aquanox game?

Also, what video card do you have. I used to run Aquanox with Radeon8500, and it would crash very regularly. I switched to GF4 TI4400 and all my problems went away. I run Aquanox at 1024x768 with max details on everything (even plankton) and I've no complaints, smooth as a baby's... well you get the idea
Thought about getting the game, but decided against it. I just would have really liked to add AquaMark as one of my exclusive benchmark proggies, a cool piece of technology to show off to your friends, ya know? :P I believe there is a revised version of the software out there, but I cannot find it. AquaMark 2.2, as opposed to version 2.0 as found on FileMirrors. Blast! No bother, but if any of you find out a way to get it to run, give me a holla! :P

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