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Default Re: 60 Hz vs 120 Hz

Originally Posted by Technoholic View Post
I'm not sure of the conclusion in this thread yet. I'm looking around at 120Hz and 60Hz TV's. I'm not sure what I want to buy. CaptN says that the HDMI can only deliver up to 60Hz. How about now, since this thread was made in March 2009?

My main purpose of the TV will be Blu-Ray movies and Playstation 3/XBox 360. Will I be happy with 120Hz, or better of with 60Hz?
I just bought a 120Hz TV last night, just for future's sake.

Honestly, go to a Best Buy or where ever and ask someone to show you the difference with a Blu-Ray movie. The biggest difference I've noticed is that with 120Hz, the movies just don't look "theatrical" anymore. It's too fast/smooth for me and doesn't look theatrical/movie-like to me.

So now when I watch movies, I go 60Hz. Otherwise, I'll do 120Hz for football games, etc.

EDIT: I hope that I'm on the right track. If 120Hz doesn't cause what I mentioned, then oops. That's just what I've been told.
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