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Default Re: How many of ya using a second for PhysX?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
It should be alright for Physx.

Just make sure your PSU and case ventilation is up to the task. The 8800GTX is a fairly power hungry card and isn't as efficient with its clock throttling as newer cards. Its also only PCI-E 1.1 compatible, so the x4 slot will probably effect the performance more.

Just curious... what kind of board are you using?
IntelŪ Desktop Board DX58SO

My PSU is a Silverstone 850Watt with four +12v rails. I'm fully aware of what the G80 consumes, I ran dual 640MB GTS for a while, which I bought on launch day back in '06.

I just wasn't certain how well PhsyX performance scaled with the PCI-e bus speeds. Wasn't sure if full speed was necessary, or if an x4 slot would suffice.
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