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Default Ubuntu+CRT going Over Range after Drivers install

Hi there,

It is been a few days since i started tryed to get things working with latest Nvidia driver version for v-card on Ubuntu (185) and the issue that keeps me from being able to succed is the following:

Having a clena install of Ubuntu 9.1 i install the drivers and when i reboot i get over range error on the screen.
I then connected using a second PC on another location, using VNC to the "over ranged" one, and changed the resolution to one that i know my screen supports, because is the one i use on windows XP (wich would be 1024*768 @ 60 hz).
Then i came back to the location of the original Ubuntu box and for my surprise, when i boot up, i keep getting the same "over range" error.

What did i do? Several things,...but to simplify, i runed ALT+CTRL+F1 when in overrange status, and runned : sudo that ill attach to this post.

Looks like screen will not properly sync with the driver...since if i dont use the driver... i can see al perfect (but of course, no 3d aceleration or anything).

hope you guys might know something about it and maybe give a hand =)

GL and thanks for reading!

P.D: My screen is a very old sh@#&ty 15" CRT that is being working like a champ for 8 years now.
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