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Default Re: Dual GTX 295 in SLI, garbage on screen

Originally Posted by Milena View Post
I have the same MB with 2x 285GTX. Depending on your CPU (I guess its something like Phenom2 x4 940) and your other installed Components I would say your PSU is too weak for 2 295 Cards, dunno if CoolerMaster has any good PSU's but I'd suggest to have at least 1000W for your Configuration, get a BeQuiet or Enermax PSU, those are very good quality. It could also be another problem, don't count on my words
Thanks, Milena, you have a clue. Just runned another benchmark and pilot before PSU turned off automatically - looks like my PSU tried to take too much power from it. Yes, I have a Phemon II x4 965, according to specs it consumes 140 Watts in peak + 295 Watt per card it results in 730 Watts just for CPU and GPUs.

I still want that someone from Nvidia team confirmed this looking at log.
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