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Default Re: Trying Windows 7 Media Center . .

Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
Hmm, by "random things" you mean like sometimes it wouldn't get a backdrop, or sometimes it wouldn't get covers, or sometimes metadata? Have you checked to see if the missing items are even in (that's where it gets it's metadata from). Although it should be there....I mean I have ~180 movies, some of them pretty obscure, and I'm only missing backdrops for 2 of them.

Did you try clearing your mediabrowser cache? I don't know what else to suggest...other then uninstalling it all and trying again.....
Yes, I did try clearing cache.

What I meant about "random", was that out of all the Family Guy episodes I have, It would just get the metadata for random episodes. The rest it wouldn't do anything for.

I'm not real worried about it anymore TBH. Boxee is rocking mah socks so I'm just about sold

So I did get my new TV this past weekend and I tried to stream a 1080P of Star Trek across the network. At first, it lagged a little but after closing and reopening Boxee, it worked flawlessly. Yeah, I think I'm sold on Boxee.
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