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Default Re: A question for the Graphics Gurus

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Significantly faster? I don't know- I think what resolution DOC's gaming at is the determining factor, and what is the minimal acceptable framerate in his opinion.

I'd venture a single GTX285 is plenty for 1680x1050. But I'm betting he games at 1920x1200... so that might be a bit much for a single 285. Thus, running SLi will allow him to have sustained framerates that are acceptable, and the one card with the lightest work load just does PhysX.

Kind of a hard call, not having tinkered with such myself. I'm under the impression though that a single GTX285 is over kill for dedicated physX- no game out can fully use the card just for PhysX. Hence why keeping SLi and just enabling GPU accelerated PhysX is probably the best option... all just a guess though.
I agree that a single gtx285 is over kill for physx, but from what I've seen having a dedicated physx card seems much faster than not having one. Maybe I missed a review where they tested physx with sli but I didn't think it helped much.
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