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Default 8400GS to 1080p LCD TV

Our mythtv box currently uses component out to an analog CRT with VDPAU, and it all works great - except the TV is now crapping out (it is acting like it has cracked solder somewhere). So we're going to buy a 1080p LCD to replace it. The question is, with a 256M 8400GS card, what would be the best way to hook the MythTV box to the new TV? I'm looking for the highest resolution where the VDPAU will still work. (If VDPAU is off the MythTV EPG and other menu systems becomes unusable with live TV.) Mostly the new TV will be used to watch over the air TV or standard DVDs. However, it would be nice with the higher display resolution to be able to use it as a computer too.

I'm sure the existing component cables will work, and the xorg resolution can be raised from the current 640 x 480 (not sure how far though with this card). However, there is also a DVI output on the card which is currently unused. Would it be better to get a DVI to HDMI cable and go that way instead? There is a VGA connector on the card, possibly not on the TV though. Is that worth looking at, or just stick with DVI or component?

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