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Default Re: Update to 190.42 breaks Xinerama AND TwinView!

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Given that neither driver is able to read the required EDID information from your monitor, it seems likely that there is a hardware problem in the monitor or the cable connecting it to the GPU. If you have a different DVI cable, it might be worth giving that a try. it would also be interesting to see what the driver says it finds if you comment out the "ConnectedMonitor" line and start X with "startx -- -logverbose 6" from a console.
May I advise you to check out what a Thinkpad W700ds is actually all about?
There are *no* (external) cables between the two monitors.
There is no DVI connection to break down and there is no damaged chip set either - this baby was factory brand new when I bought it 4 month ago and the NVidia drivers work just fine on my Windoze partition.

The 2nd screen is built right into the unit, you just slide it out and you are in business - its that simple!
That 2nd screen even turns itself on & off, if its slid out/in.

And yes, I had my screen slid out when I tried those new drivers.
Not that the screen position bothered the old 185.14 much.

AS I said before, the NVidia driver 185.14 works flawlessly on this unit.
I have high resolution, high speed, Video Playback w/o problems and even when I ran an OpenGL benchmark, I stomped most (Windoze) PCs with fast GPUs into the ground.

It is beyond my appreciation why this fully functional setup was broken, why functionality was taken away - during a driver update.

If NVidia is that fickle about what features they keep supporting in new driver versions, then *please* disable the automated update in the install script
It took me all day to finally locate the "--no-network" switch amongst the Advanced options.

If that switch would have been the default, then I could have saved myself a lot of trouble here!
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