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Here's an easy way to solve all your problems. It's saturnotaku's 9-step method to Creative recovery:

1) Uninstall all Creative drivers - be sure to remove all files and registry entries from your system.

2) Open your case and remove your SB Live - be sure not to touch the PCB too much or else it may infect you with its disease.

3) Go to and place your order for a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz or Hercules Fortissimo (or Game Theater) sound card.

4) Wait 3 days for FedEx to deliver your package. In the mean time download the latest drivers for the sound card you chose. for the Santa Cruz and for the Fortissmo/Game Theater.

5) Insert new, non-Creative sound card into your PC.

6) Boot your PC and install the drivers you downloaded.

7) Fire up your favorite games and marvel in the phenominal (and bug/pop/click/distortion free) sound.

8) Kick yourself for not having done this sooner.

9) Swear you will never buy another Creative sound card as long as you live.

I was in the same situation as you were. With every Creative driver release, things started to get worse and worse, with both my Live and later Audigy. I said no more and purchased a Santa Cruz and I've never looked back. I don't care how good Creative's future products may look on paper, but their lousy driver/tech support has been enough to drive me away for good.

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