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Default Re: Kernel Module failed to load: Kubuntu 9.10 and Nvidia X86_64 190.42 driver

Stopping kdm, running the "modprobe -i nvidia" command as suggested, re-enabling the nvidia driver in xorg.conf, and restarting kdm seems to have worked. Thanks so much.

My suspicion is that this is the problem:

> However, there are some suspicious messages from modprobe
> in kdm.log:
> modprobe: invalid option -- 'Q'
> followed by a modprobe Usage statement
> and then this:
> FATAL: Error running install command for nvidia

Now, all I need to do is figure out where the errant modprobe command line is run, fix it, and perhaps the problem is permanently solved. (any ideas?) Is grep my friend here?

And, of course, I am left wondering... how did this happen? How did the invalid modprobe command-line option get there in the first place?

I have found other examples of the -Q flag in configuration files. I see that -Q used to be a valid command-line option, but is no more. The problem occurred probably because I did an upgrade and not a fresh install, and the upgrade did not take this into account.


Haven't been able to find the culprit. Any ideas?
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