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Default Re: Can't delete folders

Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
1) Right Click on the folder in question > Properties > Security Tab > Advanced Button > Owner Tab > Edit Button > Choose your account > OK > OK
2) Back on the Security Tab in folder properties, click on Edit to change permissions
3) Select your account and check Allow for all options.
4) Delete folder
Worked for the Users folder, but not working for the others.

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
I'm not 100% sure, but I think it can be done in Disk Cleanup. I know if you reinstall Windows and don't format the drive, the old Windows folder is saved as Windows.old in the drive and you have to delete this way.
I installed Windows 7 on a different hard drive. Its smaller than my main one, it was for testing purposes. I decided to stay with it, and instead of reinstalling 7 on my main drive, keep win 7 on the smaller drive and use the main drive for storage.
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