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Originally posted by thcdru2k
fluke, your right about other cards being better than creative cards, but all that bs about the millions of people that hear sound and happy and don't notice fps drops, thats all bs. i'm a serious gamer, and i've own many live cards before, and i had unreal tournament on max quality settings, max quality sound, 48000hz, eax patches from creative for ut, and all that. all that connected to my fps2000, and the speakers in my sig. framerate was awesome, and no slow down in online play in big fragging fights. sure, some people probably have problems, but thats probably because they don't have the latest drivers, don't tweak, etc.
Ya Live card. My focus is on Audigy. I know Live card is decent, plus the Live card has been out a long time. It took some time before Creative got the driers somewhat right for Live, but even Live I have read about has mediocre drivers, same problems as Audigy but its on a lesser card that doesn't handle as many MIPS as the Audigy. Audigy is cream of the crop. Cream of the crop hardware, just the drivers completely suck and after 1 year they still fail to deliver good solid drivers and they continue to flood the bus. It could take another year before Creative gets it right, and right now I doubt there is too much emphasis on it. Thats the feeling I get from Creative.

My problem is is that I have to order this Hercules card online and even thats hard as it is out of stock everywhere! Canada is all Creative Labs which is sad and the USA is almost the same thing except for online shopping..but there is none available anywhere...
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