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Default 2 Nvidia 9800M GT's in SLI

I have a laptop running Xubuntu 9.10 with 2 9800M GT's that I wanna put in SLI. I'm running driver version 185.18.36
I've tried adding the SLI option in the xorg.conf file, but when I would restart my laptop, I would get a black screen.
I have also tried adding the BusID to the device section(for only one card though), but it would still result in a black screen.

By black screen i mean that it appeared as if the screen was completely turned off. (in contrast to the screen being on and showing black)

Any clues on how to get SLI working?

EDIT: nvidia-bug-report.log added, but since i cant do anything after the x server restarts with the SLI option on, i dont know if there is much you can get from it

EDIT 2: I just now see there are multiple threads about SLI and Dell M1730 laptops, so I'm sorry for this double post.
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