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Default Re: Need advise on how to set up porn filters

Originally Posted by crainger View Post

Easy to install, easy to configure, almost invisible, you can delete the icons and just use the web interface. Best thing is if anyone tries to guess the password you'll get emails about it. Can be used to block porn, violence, facebook, gaming sites, warez etc.
I had the same situation as you. I installed this, not a problem since, except I changed the address emails go to as this kid was guessing it 10 times daily. Little noob.

Going to give this a go finally. Had someone trash a pc in only a couple months time with having updated service packs, AV, firewall, etc.

This time I'm going to try using FF + abp + noscript, K9 web protection, MSSE, spybot, and limited user accounts. Hopefully it will keep the viruses at bay.
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