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Default Installing nVidia

i just downloaded the linux display driver for the nVidia GeForce 4 onto a cd rom.

I have looked that the instructions for installing it but it assumes that I am able to get a picture(i think) in order to do the install from a command prompt. To top it off I have to get to get around GRUB (my boot loader) I have to use the RED HAT 9 cds and try an boot via rescue.

So I am not sure how I write the driver off of the disk from this prompt and then install it. I think that this will solve my 2 day long problem with my monitor.

My System:

AMD Atholon 2200+
ASUS A7V333 Mother board
LG Flattron 782e
nVidia GeForce4 Ti 4200

Appreciate the help!!!

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