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Default Long Story Summarized

I had my system partitioned and configured to dual boot in Windows XP Pro and Red Hat Linux 9.0. When I picked it up in the shop on Friday it was working fine (using their monitor).

Got it home and when I try to boot into Linux from GRUB (boot loader) my monitor blacks out, sleepie mode.

While attempting to investigate the problem I discovered that I probably needed the Linux Driver for nVidia (which I have on a CD rom)

I think I have found a way to get to the command prompt via booting Linux in Rescue mode where I can imput rpm ... But, I guess that I am not sure what that is doing, really.

I think I need to get the Driver for nVidia off of the cd rom and on to my system and then from the command prompt insert all the code but I am lost as to how to do that. In fact I don't even know which partition my Linux is assigned to for sure.


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