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hi bill,

glad it worked out for you! i am still trying a few different things, and will shortly try turning off the acpi in lilo.conf to see if perhaps that will help my situation.

for now i too am still running in 2x agp (and am very sore about it, though at least i am finally up and running with a few games). the only bad thing is that the next generation of games will be out soon, and i have a bad feeling that my brand new 5600ultra will soon be performing relative to my old onboard graphics driver when i first got quake 3. this really should not be the case.

well, time to get a new NON-via chipset mobo i suppose...

btw bill, which bios is costing you money? for your mobo? i was under the impression that you could dl your bios for free? (that is the case for my abit...)
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