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Default Multi-card setup


I need to have a system with 3 TV-OUT screens.

For this I use:

1x 8400GS PCI-E x16
1x 8400GS PCI-E x4 (motherboard limitation)
1x 6200 PCI (no more PCI-E slots in my motherboard)

From all cards I use their TV-OUT.

The problem I have is that when I add the PCI card (6200), both the PCI card (6200) the PCI-E x16 card (8400GS) report "invalid ROM" as soon as the kernel module is loaded, and Xorg cannot initialize them.

Tried nvidia drivers 180 and 185.

Some kind of BIOS conflict between nvidia cards, or am I missing something?

The motherboard is Intel SE7525GP2, with 2x Xeon DP processors @3.4GHz, running Gentoo.

Any ideas are welcome...

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