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Default Re: Need advise on how to set up porn filters

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit View Post

I get SOOOOO effing sick of having to go to a relatives' houses to fix their trojan/virus infested computer once a month. They always ask "how do we stop this stuff from getting on our computer?"

I say "Stop going to shady websites. Stop clicking on everything that asks you to install something. Always click "No" or "Cancel" on any popup box that comes up. It's not that hard."
I have found the fix for this. When you are over their house, say that it is impossible to remove them. And that you will have to do a system restore NOW, or the virus could damage their PC more. They will say ok. And you reformat, and reinstall windows. Then for the most part, they lose something important and think twice before going through that again. At least it worked for me. (Tried it 3 times, worked twice)
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