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Default Re: Update to 190.42 breaks Xinerama AND TwinView!

Wow, you totally read that wrong and proved my point. I'm guessing English isn't your native tongue. Those links you pointed to are on IBM's website. They are drivers for a NVidia card provided by IBM, not NVidia. Notice the "" in the URL. Also, I wasn't suggesting that you were mistakenly running Windows, or that you could even run Windows drivers on Linux. I was commenting on your statement from your previous post:
the NVidia drivers work just fine on my Windoze partition.
The Windows driver with the statement I refer to is here:

Obviously, this doesn't help your Linux problem,, it only refutes your statement that NVidia's drivers support your laptop on Windows. If you also notice, there is no Linux driver provided on that IBM/Lenovo support site. Lenovo almost certainly works around design flaws in your second monitor on Windows. The missing EDID is not necessarily damaged hardware, likely a design flaw that was worked around in Lenovo's Windows drivers. Lenovo manufactured your laptop, not NVidia, and thus they are the one's responsible for supporting it if they advertised it as supporting Linux. Please respect other people's time is used to respond to you as well.
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