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Originally Posted by uau View Post
The git repo now uses the frame dropping/timing functionality by default, so playback on low-FPS devices should work much better and playback speed adjustments are not limited by display frame rate.
I think I'm getting better playback with this version, but it still misses a frame every now and then when trying 23.976fps playback on 23.976Hz display refresh. I guess it could also be that the display refresh doesn't match exactly.

I'll have to take a look at the code and see if I can figure out what's happening. Should the dropped frames counter show it or should there be any messages with verbose if frames get dropped?

The recent changes have also improved performance especially when using hardware decoding together with the heavier deinterlacing modes.
They really have! Based on some limited testing it looks like I'm now able to use deint=3 and pullup with 1080i video on my integrated 9300.

Thank you for your excellent work!
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