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Originally posted by Aleksandar_Ilic
Great reply man. Whole truth.
I recently upgraded to GForce2MX, working on Medion TFT (1024x768) with famous 75Hz refresh/rate. Never seen better picture...
And I must say again that Andy and nVidia guys doing great job !

------- seems as though the little brat finally had enough MUD'ing and went and cleaned up his 'act' ROFL...

nvidia gets a DOUBLE A + from me because

a) I run linux and get fantastic frames from fullscreeen mplayer and my 3d games are JOYOUS ( read: neverwinter nights was NEVER so good and ATI guys are having pains -or used to- anyway not sure what status of the game is atm for ATI users...

b) who needs b when a is so sweet.

thanks NVidia !!

System Specs:
PIV2.26Ghz - geforce4TI4200 - 256 ram - sb live
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