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Originally Posted by LauriM View Post
I think I'm getting better playback with this version, but it still misses a frame every now and then when trying 23.976fps playback on 23.976Hz display refresh. I guess it could also be that the display refresh doesn't match exactly.
To make sure, by "misses a frame" you mean that a frame from the original video is dropped right? And not that there's a display refresh without a frame change?

It's quite possible that the playback FPS and display refresh rates do not match exactly even if they're nominally the same. Note that MPlayer handles A/V sync by adjusting video to match audio, so your audio system is what ultimately determines the exact playback speed.
I'll have to take a look at the code and see if I can figure out what's happening. Should the dropped frames counter show it or should there be any messages with verbose if frames get dropped?
Currently there are no messages and the functionality is distinct from what the normal framedrop counter counts (that one is about frames that are not decoded either). I could add a message when a frame is skipped without ever being queued; however the "verbose" level is not really appropriate for that (playing 50 FPS video on a 24 FPS display is expected to generate 26 such messages per second, and the verbose level should still stay readable). It could be added at a debugging verbosity level, though then you'd need to filter out all the other stuff which gets printed at those levels...
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