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i had never seen that before for the bios upgrades, I have always just used the bios released by the mobo manufacturer...
let me know how it goes if you try it!

after my earlier posts, i have yet again run int othe machine locking up. i get SO ANGRY every time this happens. i am about ready to return this card and stick my old geforce2pro back in here. at least that card ran at 4x agp!

So i am back at 2x agp until another solution presents itself that works... i tried adding acip=off in the lilo.conf, but i dont know how to see if this does in fact work. i have NO way of turning off acpi or apm in the bios

I alos cannot find out how to stop the apm daemon from running either. cant kill it for some reason...

out of curiosity, does ANYONE know if someone running an abit kt7a has managed to get the fx cards working correctly at all?
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