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Default Re: Trying Windows 7 Media Center . .

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
What about Media Portal do you guys hate so much, I am able to play DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray/.ISO with no problems at all. Smooth as silk with no hangups or glitches. What am I missing?

Win 7 64bit
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Daemon tools
I've never tried it (at least I don't think). XBMC has always worked out the best for me and I guess my little experiments have shown I need to stick with it. I may give MP a shot, we'll just have to see how much extra time I have this weekend.

So now I'm trying out the latest Beta of XBMC and it's new default skin "Confluence". It's basically MediaStream with a few small tweaks, but it's nice. Once I can get my Movie Library back in order, I think I'll have everything working again.
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