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Default Re: VDPAU and DEINTERLACE problem

It looks, that 195.22 solve freezing. But video play is not smooth. With deinterlace filter it is easy to see dropped frames. If I play several times recorded video from HDTV video broadcast and dropped pictures is every time on same place. Strange, stream is without glitch in data.

without DEINTERLACE filter it have smooth playing but interlaced video on progresive screen is ugly.

I test it with few TV connected thou HDMI with 1080p50 nad 720p50 configuration. Input signal is 1080i

Any Idea? I can upload short video sample somewhere, but it can't be public. It is signal from live TV and I have not copyright :-(

Signal is from satellite, without bad packets (I can analyze CRCs in service tables) H264

I was try each deintarlace filter (bob, temporal, half tempral, temporal spatial, half temporal spatial) and change this have not any effect.

G130 card have sufficient power by my mean.

I was try with or without synchronization monitor but it is not solved.
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