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Default Am I getting the performance I should be getting?

It seems lately like my GTX 275 is not performing as well as it should.

All of these are at 1080p resolution:

Assassin's Creed maxed, 4xAA - Dips to the 20s.
Far Cry 2 maxed, ultra settings, 4xAA - Dips to the high 20s
Borderlands - Anything with dynamic shadows results in massive framerate drops, forced 4xAA means dips to the 20s.
Fallout 3, max settings 4xAA - Anywhere from 20-80fps depending one where I am.

Does this all sound right? I was talking to someone the other day about the need for a new graphics card soon and they told me I was insane and that my card should max everything. I told him about the above and he told me my card must be malfunctioning?

So, anyone with a similar card weigh in on those games please. Thanks.
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