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Default GLX problems after failed rollback attempt

I have spent the past couple days largely in futile attempts to get the 190.42 driver for the G210M in my IdeaPad y550 notebook working in Kubuntu 9.04. The xorg.conf that nvidia-xconfig generated resulted in the x-server insisting that my native resolution is 640x480, whereupon it displayed 6 identical mini-screens on my monitor. After some online searching and frustration, I determined it to be a missing EDID issue, edited my xorg.conf accordingly, and eventually got the x-server to show the nVidia logo with correct resolution when the x-server was launched. Unfortunately, it did not proceed to show the login screen, but rather to show a black screen that gradually faded to white in the top-left area. Online searches related to that problem did not turn up anything useful. I did, however, find indications that older versions of the driver were more reliable, so I tried to install 173 using apt-get. When I next tried to launch the x-server, it complained that the nvidia kernel was still version 190.42, even after removing xorg.conf. I could find no way to correct this problem, so I tried to reinstall 190.42. Thereafter, whenever I tried to launch the x-server, it complained about GLX incompatibility with the nVidia x driver or being unable to load the GLX module (again, using the default x-server configuration). I tried installing glx-related packages using apt-get and reinstalling the 190.42 driver, to no avail. My x-server has been rendered thoroughly defunct, and I am becoming increasingly frustrated with nVidia. I would like some help getting the x-server working again, and once that's done, help getting the driver to cooperate. I have attached the log and bug report from the most recent x-server failure.
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