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Default Re: 195.22: Better fullscreen Theora decoding in Minefield

Originally Posted by ksng View Post
Just tested this beta driver - it's wonderful. Now VLC with vaapi enabled (vdpau backend) is able to play HD TV broadcast of Hong Kong...
My celebration turns out to be a bit too early. It was found that the vdpau backend driver for vaapi didn't work with 195.22. As a result vlc ran without vdpau, but together with a coincidence that I recently upgraded my AMD CPU from X2 4800+ to X2 250, vlc s/w decode on the HD materials is producing a flawless result (despite a 5x% cpu usage). I found there's a vdpau backend for vaapi driver update just 1 day ago, and it works fine with 195.22. However there's still some flickering when vlc plays with vaapi/vdpau.

Anyway nvidia is doing a good work for a driver version that receives so many good comments. Keep going!
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