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Default Re: Is NVreg_EnableMSI=1 finished already?

What options do you use so nvidia driver in MSI mode does not freeze your machines?
If nvidia has one common driver for all GPUs the MSI would hang everywhere or nowhere.

I can not understand this: Geforce 8200 and chipset is integrated in one chip. So cooperation should be perfect. When I look at lspci except Audigy2 and CPU all devices are made by Nvidia.
Why only GPU fails in MSI mode and other devices in the same chipset not? (AHCI, network, IHDA audio are inside the same chipset like GPU 8200 and use MSI without problems).

Today I tried again to turn on MSI for nvidia driver. This time screen freeze happened in 2D mode. Just opened konsole in KDE4 and typed in cat /proc/interrupts - the computer hanged before displaying the result.
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