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Default Hosed GTX 295?

Just got this as an rma replacement, so far nothing but trouble:

asus p5qe (latest bios)
coolermaster 850 psu

The error that gets thrown up constantly is "page_fault_in_nonpaged_area"

As soon as windows even installs the generic 295 driver this happens, reboot and as soon as the windows 7 logo appears same thing. Ive done a total format and as soon as the install gets to the point where its instaling drivers it throws this bsod up.

Ive ran the full scandisk and no errors were found.
Ive tried different ram in the board, still get the bsod so that pretty much rules out dodgy ram as the other ram works with no probs in my shuttle.
Ive formatted windows 7 and installed vista 64, again bsod (page_fault)

Ive even built a system from spare parts (pentium d, gigabyte mobo, 2 gigs of ram) and used my brothers corsair 850 psu to rule out the psu as an issue but exactly the same error.
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