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Default Shutting down every 15 minutes

So yesterday I set my bios to default, removing my overclock. Computer was running pretty much flawless until this.
Originally, I had FSB set to 400, and my DRAM voltage at 2.1v for an overclock of 3.2ghz. (see specs in sig, I am running windows 7 rc 32bit)

Today I went to play Dragon Age and my system shut down. I recall having to manually set the RAM voltage to 2.1 because apparently the P5Q will put it at 1.8v by default, causing stability issues. So I did this, and boom, after another 15 minutes of being in windows, computer shut down again. No bsod's.

Just now I reset the CMOS, and reseated my memory, graphics card, and reconnected the 24pin and 8 pin cpu connectors. Booted up only changing the DRAM voltage to 2.1v, made it into windows for about 10 minutes and tried to run prime95, and bam it shut down again.

Any ideas?

I have a q8300 and 2 gigs of Kingston HyperX along with windows 7 coming next week, so I'm trying to rule out if it is my current memory, or PSU causing the problem. I don't want to have new parts arrive and have a system that doesn't work.

Could something really have happened to my hardware just by resetting the bios to default?

Thanks guys..
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