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Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
You guys are getting 120hz and frame interpolation mixed up. They aren't the same thing.

Displaying a movie or anything at 120hz will not cause it to look "fake". You are thinking of frame interpolation. Again. Completely different thing all together. Look up Auto-Motion Plus . That's Samsung's version of frame interpolation. It basically creates frames between frames to make things appear "smooth". The end result is a clearer picture for moving objects, however its extremely distracting and "fake" looking. Not good for watching movies or anything really.

Again. 120hz does not = frame interpolation. Do some research.

BTW. I just bought a 60" Mitsubishi DLP. After spending 2-3 hours calibrating it, I can honestly say the picture is perfect.
I see thanks for the clarification. Everytime I see a 120Hz tv at a store it has looked so fake to me which is why I assumed that it was the 120hz factor that was making it look like crap.
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