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Default Re: Official Serious Sam HD Thread!!!

They need to update about half of the textures. I'm pretty dissapointed to see some textures nice and high res and then some that look like they're from the original. Like the giant paintings on teh walls of the side of the buildings.. from a distance they look great but when you stand next to the wall, it's just a giant blur of color

It's like the texture LOD doesn't change at all.. The first game didn't seem to have this problem.

I do however think that the lighting in the new engine is phenomenal but a little too much HDR glow.

Dissapointed to see far fewer grapics tweak options.. again, the original shined in this aspect.

Ultimately though, the game is just as much of a riot to play as it originally was so overall, they succeeded in capturing the essence of the first game. It just seems like this was rushed out the door a little too soon.
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