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Default Re: vdpau issues (Canon HF20)

Originally Posted by dillzz View Post
mplayer -fps 60 -ao sdl -vo vdpau -demuxer lavf -ni -vc ffh264vdpau /media/data/Incoming/Canon\ Test/

Not starting a war here, but I dual boot win 7 x86_64 and I rebooted and the videos run great with no hit to CPU. What am I doing wrong and can someone shed some light on what I may be missing
Very difficult without:
An explanation what goes wrong (At least I - not being a native speaker - don't understand "CPU gets crushed")
A sample
Complete, uncut output of your MPlayer call (fps and ni have no effect in your command line, ao sdl is not recommended)

If your sample is really 1920p60, it will not play with current VDPAU hardware (without -lavdopts skipframe=nonref), if it is a PAFF sample, you need -nocorrect-pts (and possibly -delay -0.3 or similar).

Carl Eugen
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