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Default Re: Devil May Cry 4 (PC) Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by walterman View Post
Finally !!!

After 250h of gameplay, i'm the King Of The Bloody Palace !!!

This is one of the best fighting games ever !
Super late reply, but congrats!

Bloody palace is probably my favourite mode in the game, even though it takes wayyy too much time to complete one run. Otherwise I'd play it more often.

I can remember the first time I got to stage 101... and then died Fortunately I managed to complete it when I tried again later the same day. I should play it again sometime, been almost a year since I tried bloody palace.

And darnit the game looks pretty. Your first screenshot is a good example of that. I think bloody palace is a good design too... it's just a simple platform in the middle of the sky, but it still looks great, especially with the variety of environments throughout the mode.

I need DMC5 damnit!
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