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Regarding my previous reply in your thread, I'd like to apologize for the character remarks I made, beyond the stubborness of not willing to live with 60hz refresh I had no other frame of reference by which make my speculative remarks.

Don't get me wrong I think you did need to lighten up about 15hz of difference, but I was pissed at my total lack of display capability and your qualm with a minor change and also your response to some other members reminded me of an immature person not willing to let a small problem go.

I've fixed my display problem and frankly I have no clue what refresh I'm running (oh I could find out easily enough but it doesn't really matter since I can't sense the difference and if I can its so small that it doesn't justify my effort), all I know is that 3D works and thats what I really want.

Why could I want 3D so badly anyway?
3D games on linux are a joke compared to windows 3D games, by selection and quality, sadly.

I mean compare tuxracer to wipeout or midnight club. there is no comparision.

Linux games are thought provoking and non violent. I'de love to see tux lose some weight gain some muscle and done some cool street threads an earing and a girlfriend.(Xnay on donning the girlfriend, for all you literal types, you know who you are :P )

Then linux would project a badass image.

Hmm maybe I should take up drawing.....

I want 3D acceleration cuase I'm learning to program in GL but I digress...

If you had a serious issue like the display driver failing to start then I'd be more sympathietic.

Point is we shouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves because linux lives and dies by the individual members of its many communities including this one. I'de rather solve problems than create ones.

Anyhow thats about it.

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