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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by balex99 View Post
Just got a Q9550. Love it. OC's well. Have it running at 3.6 with no voltage added to cpu. Right now I am limited, I believe, by my Corsair XMS6400. The mem is running at 425. Is it worth it to get some 1066 stuff (around $100) to see it the chip can get to 4 ghz? Would love to see it running at 4ghz but not sure how common that is on the Q9550s.

Any input is appreciated.
If you have the E0 stepping its very common. Mine is at 4ghz right now with just a meager 1.26VC and is prime 95 stable. I have had it as high as 4.3ghz but backed it down to 4ghz because it didnt make a difference in any of my apps or games.
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