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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by balex99 View Post
Mine is the EO stepping. The guys over at Xtremesystems think it is my board that is holding me back and not the mem. What do yall think? Is there any way I can test this without buying the memory?

I tried loosening the timings and upping the FSB voltage but couldn't get it to run at anything higher than 430mhz. That is with the cpu multi lowered to test the memory. Also I am running with all slots populated. I've got 4x1gb sticks. If any of that info helps.

Oh, and thanks for the replies.
It likely is your board, my last board was a gigabyte p35 board and it could not clock my Q9550 anywhere near as high as my gigabyte p45 board.
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