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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 260 or 280" thread

Originally Posted by yuriz43 View Post

+3.3V@30A;+5V@30A;+12V1@18A;+12V2@18A;-12V@0.5A; +5VSB@3.0A
Okay, you might wanna think about getting another PSU. I say that because dual rail PSU's are of the worst design for gaming rigs.

1 of your 12v rails is entirely wasted on the CPU, this leaves you with a meager 18amps for your video card and the rest of the system. Try to get a nice single 12v rail PSU such as this one-

With a nice single 12v rail you dont have to worry about splitting the load and wasting an entire rail on the CPU, instead with a single 12v rail psu all the power goes to the components that need it the most.
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