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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 260 or 280" thread

Originally Posted by syndicot View Post
Okay, you might wanna think about getting another PSU. I say that because dual rail PSU's are of the worst design for gaming rigs.

1 of your 12v rails is entirely wasted on the CPU, this leaves you with a meager 18amps for your video card and the rest of the system. Try to get a nice single 12v rail PSU such as this one-

With a nice single 12v rail you dont have to worry about splitting the load and wasting an entire rail on the CPU, instead with a single 12v rail psu all the power goes to the components that need it the most.

I just got home and tested my box with a Kill-A-Watt,

Total system power: 140w -160w idle, and 250w-300w in game.

After doing more research on power supplies, I have to agree with you that a single 12v with 40+ amps would be ideal, but doesn't my current power usage seem a bit on the low side?

If it is really necessary, I would certainly buy another PSU, however I wanted to keep this upgrade cheap as possible since my next upgrade will be an entirely new system.

Here are my real system specifications:

Core 2 Duo E6420 (65w) @ 2.6 ghz
4GB XMMS2 DDR2 800
2x 7200 RPM drives

gtx 260 55nm 216core @stock.oc

2x92mm fan
1x80mm fan
(I'm guessing these fans are between 5w-15w each?)

Systam Spics:

*Compewtor*Keeeboard*Mice*Mice Pad
*Cofe Jug*Old Bear Can*5x blu LED's
*Bag of chips that I forgot to throw away*Moniter
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