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Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
Ok. I want to create a second network (for my servers) so that I can have a true gigabit network running without slowing down my actual network where my staff is accessing the servers for work.

Here's my problem.
A) Will I need two Subnet Masks?
B) Will I have to do some load balancing?

Here's what I have.
A) I have dual Gb NICs in all of my servers.
B) I have a Gb Switch that I will use for my servers.

I need a place where I can read up on this. I would like to have a link to a reputable site that will give me some topologies that I may be able to follow.

Thanks in advance.
I'm not sure if I completely understand your network infrastructure.

Are all of your severs and clients all on one subnet right now? Are they all on one switch right now? Do you have core routers, Layer 3 switches, etc?

Please detail your network and I'll get you set straight.
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